Sunday, 23 April 2017

Flogged Horse is Indigestible!

For years, British secondary education has been based on a diet of discreet curriculum areas, assessment and attainment. We now have a large dollop of self-evaluation and inspection to add to the decomposing flesh of the educational horse. Yet, not much has changed in terms of  'real education'. 

In my view the horse has been flogged way past it's death and what's worse is that Outdoor Learning doesn't even get a mention in the Report on Standards from HMIe - Quality and improvement in Scottish education 2012-2016 and yet it is implicit on every teacher (and that includes all school managers who are GTCS Registered as Teachers not as Managers) to demonstrate in their planning, the use of outdoor learning. I quote: "I skilfully deploy a wide variety of innovative resources and teaching approaches, including digital technologies and, where appropriate, actively seek outdoor learning opportunities."

So, there is no hiding and to put it bluntly, ANY school which fails to demonstrate and practice effective use of outdoor learning is - and by this I don't mean PE outdoors, DofE, JMT and a few excursions to POI's even though they are vital in any curriculum - practising EDUCATIONAL CENSORSHIP

When will we let our young people flourish on a diet rich in real life learning both indoors and outdoors?

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