Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Degrees in Outdoor Learning? Give me a break!

I have had an application for recognition in my 30 years work in various roles as a teacher and instructor throughout outdoor and adventurous pursuits & learning rejected by a collection of academics. 

Apparently, my experience and the description of my work along with the evaluation of the impact of my work didn't reach the rigour demanded for formal accreditation. Yet, of the panel, not one has ever spent any length of time practising as a teacher of outdoor learning, not one of the panel, has, as far as I can ascertain, any qualification in any outdoor sport whilst this same panel has accredited a teacher who has attended ONE introduction to outdoor learning but wrote a 500 word piece of guff about how she has started to incorporate her new skills in her teaching.

Academic bollocks. 

These weren't built with degrees!
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